What resources do you have for course development?

Academia Minervalis takes course development very seriously, it is the backbone of the organization. We want to help you develop the best courses!


The most valuable resource is your fellow instructors. They have books and documents that many are willing to share. We also enjoy sharing our knowledge and opinions on academic matters. The message board is a great place to discuss course planning with other instructors.


Academia Minervalis will assist you with the technical aspects of online course development.


We recommend the free software Webinaria for recording from webcam or recording a slide show presentation off your computer. This program will record your voice and your slides and create a video of your lecture. This video can then me uploaded to Academia Minervalis.


We suggest making presentation slides with power point (Windows) or keynote (Mac and free). However, if you want a free alternative we suggest Presentation Free.


We are utilizing Google Course Builder. This will allow students to track their progress and take exams online which can be automatically marked. This software allows cumilative grades to be easily tracked for final grades can be generated with ease.


We have many other technical solutions and academic resources available. Just inquire on the message board!