Academia Minervalis aligns itself with the constitution and laws of the Roman Republic. This organization stands with the Roman Republic in its mission towards the revival of a modern cultural descendent of Ancient Rome


Fundamental to the establishment of Academia Minervalis is the belief that this mission of cultural revival must begin with education. We believe that the foundation of culture lies in education. This education is ideally well-rounded including all aspects of Roman life. We strive to give one a general understanding of a multitude of topics on ancient Rome. Besides this foundational education Academia Minervalis will provide opportunities for detailed review of specific topics of interest for the advanced learner. Academia Minervalis, like the ancients, recognizes the legacy of Ancient Greek achievements. Many of these achievements were the foundation of Roman academics. Academia Minervalis shall also offer educational programs which focus on Ancient Greece in order to provide this context.


Within this broad academic environment we will also serve as a forum of interdisciplinary collaboration in both teaching and research.


In striving towards this mission Academia Minervalis endeavours to create individuals who are better prepared to be cultural descendants of Ancient Rome. We will also inspire future academic activity which will further enhance our overall understanding of ancient Roman culture. We shall also provide educators with a lab in which educational innovation can flourish. In achieving these aims the growth of the Roman Republic community will be furthered. Most importantly, more people will be living the virtues, whilst actively cultivating a passion for all things Roman.


Academia Minervalis strives to create modern descendants of the ancient Roman culture. We believe this requires an education into the foundational elements of the culture. All academic activity within Academia Minervalis shall assist in this primary objective. Academia Minervalis will work to provide this education to all people regardless of where they live, gender, ethnicity, or what religion they practice. We encourage our students and teachers to join Roman Republic but do not require it.


Academia Minervalis will be a multidisciplinary organization. We will encourage academic activity in all fields associated with ancient Roman history and culture.


We strive to not only teach students but also instructors. Enhancing the ability of our instructors to disseminate knowledge is paramount to our mission.

Academia Minervalis will provide its students and instructors with constructive feedback. This will enhance the learning experience of both teacher and student. We will also provide an appeals process by which feedback can be re-evaluated.

Academia Minervalis shall keep records of all academic achievements acquired within the organization. We shall support all students and instructors in verifying these achievements upon request.

Free education

All courses offered by Academia Minervalis will be free of charge. All instructors shall be unpaid volunteers. Some courses may require books or other related resources which require purchase by the student. However, whenever possible these resources should be optional. We strongly encourage instructors to use the multitude of primary sources which are available for free online as supplemental text in their courses.

Peer reviewed and accurate


Academic credibility is essential to Academia Minervalis. To achieve this aim we rely on peer review. Qualified instructors shall review all academic course material, research and publications offered. This review process will occur regularly in order to insure the incorporation of new research and the continued academic validity of the organization.


Led jointly by staff and external representatives


Academia Minervalis shall be led by the Academia Curia. This board shall consist of leading instructors. But it will also consist of individuals who are not directly associated with the organization as instructors. Therefore, the Academic Curia shall also consist of invited leading citizens of the Roman Republic. Whenever possible this shall include Roman Republic Senators, members of the Collegium Pontificum and current Roman Republic magistrates. A student representative will also be included on the Academia Curia. The Academia Curia shall be regularly renewed on a yearly basis. The Academia Curia shall select the head of the organization and the Academic Curia from within this body of representatives on a yearly basis.


Actively raising tomorrow's scholars and teachers

Academia Minervalis shall support and encourage its leading students in becoming instructors. We shall provide the resources and support needed to insure former students can develop their own interests and courses.

Official emblem of
Academia Minervalis

The Roman style temple represents the many ancient achievements of Roman civilization in the arts and sciences. It also pays tribute to Minerva the Roman goddess of wisdom and learning. The central place of the temple gives honor to the central place Roman history has as the foundational keystone of Western Civilization. The six trees flanking the temple represent the students of today and tomorrow growing up around and upon the legacies of the past while reaching towards the heavens. Beneath the temple and trees is the year of the founding of the academia (2767) counted from the traditional foundation of the eternal city in 753 BCE.

more resources

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